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When I joined Kroger in early 2022, the AMP teams  and their users had one pressing question – How do different pillars within Kroger segregate their data, roles, and permissions? And how might we make that a reality in a non-intrusive way for users?

The answer, while complex, can be simply called Namespacing. User tenancy within a space needed to be streamlined in a way that minimized strain on management but was simple to request for the user. If a user or a super-user has multiple  tenancies, they need to be able to change with ease. I helped develop this concept from the ground up and development is set to begin in Q1 2023.

Product Design

User Experience

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The process began with weeks of user interviews, developer discussions to determine scope, and a deep analysis of the platform, its capabilities, and user needs/desires. By the time sketching began on this project, a great deal was already known. The majority of initial discussion was defining a name space and how it would interact with the development of user profiles, another ongoing initiative within Kroger. Namespaces would be assigned to profiles and would help serve as permissions, also known as tenancy. Tenancy would determine what spaces you saw within the UI. The spaces you are a part of determine where you can publish to and what pillars of the Kroger oraganization one can access.

UI/UX Design

When I joined Winsupply in 2021, they were undergoing a massive technology modernization project. Winsupply is one of the nation’s largest wholesale distributors of residential and commercial construction materials.

One of the major projects I took on in my time with the company was a rewrite of their internal inventory management system, also known as Live Shop. Win had attempted to get a rewrite of the program off the ground several times over the last ten years, and I consider it one of my greatest recent accomplishments to have been able to get a design approved and moving forward.  Below are the skills I applied to this project, along with a description of my process as I navigated through the waters of designing such a complex application.


This initiative reached its conclusion at the end of Q1 2023 and is currently in development. The namespacing initiative will launch with Kroger’s new platform framework in Q3 2023. This project, while light on raw design was incredibly rewarding in that understanding user needs and recognizing the vast scope of the project took a potentially bloated project and kept things simple, while still meeting all needs. 

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