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The Office of Kneuve, Sahloff, & Wildenhaus is a small law firm based in Ottowa. They split from a previous partner, acquired a new one, and were in need of a new website to re-emerge into the world. As one of my final projects as Director of Creative Services for Follow The Eyes, this project is near and dear to my heart.

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The Law Offices of Kneuve, Sahloff, & Wildenhaus split from their previous partner in mid-2019 and were in desperate need of a new website. Not only did they change their brand name, but their website, managed by another agency, was ancient and riddled with references to the former partner. 

They needed a modern solution that they could log in and edit as needed. KSW needed a new website and new branding for a new world.

Branding and design

Beyond an overall lack of content, KSW’s old website was sorely lacking in a brand identity. Under my direction, a new logo was created with a brand identity. A new sign was created for their building to solidify this new world. Maroon, Gold and Blue were chosen to represent sophistication, confidence, and victory, representing their ability to win any case for you.

After the brand identity was established, I provided multiple home page designs and an inner page design, a site map, and page content written by the Follow The Eyes team to the client, and once approved, it was time for me to install wordpress and get to work. I designed inner page templates and one of my web designers filled them in with content that our team wrote.

A barren home page was transformed into an SEO dream with key words, testimonials, and more. A website built before mobile web browsing was transformed into a responsive, beautiful design. A confusing mess with no way for clients to educate themselves or access their ActionStep portal was organized in an easy, intuitive manner that users are happy to work with now.


Kneuve, Sahloff, & Wildenhaus were very happy with this website. They enjoyed working with me specifically and I even stayed an extra day at Follow The Eyes to ensure that the website launched with no hitches. The website turned out great! The law firm enjoys local success and is a client of Follow The Eyes and Quantifi Digital to this day. 

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